Welcome to the svyPhonegap wiki! This wiki provides comprehensive documentation for using the svyPhonegap web-service, which is bridge to connect Servoy to Phonegap’s native plugins.

Getting Started

Import the phonegap.servoy solution and add it as a module to your main solution. The svyPhonegap service should be automatically imported with solution. Within the onSolutionOpen event of your main solution initialize the phonegap scope as shown below:

function onSolutionOpen(arg, queryParams) {
//initialize phonegap module
scopes.phonegap.onSolutionOpen(arg,queryParams, onReadyCallback);


function onReadyCallback(){
//device is ready, get information from a plugin

You can also add the phonegap module through source (GIT) then import as an existing project in your workspace.

Working Example

To see a Servoy solution that utilizes this module check out svyMobile.

Building Native Binary (Android/IOS)

Use Servoy's Cloud Control Center. The service will help you fill out the configurations required and generate a native mobile binary.

If you need to generate certificates for the relevant app store(s) read this guide.

Documentation on specific services or plugins

For the web services to function, we need to have also installed the particular phonegap plugins mentioned.

Browser In-app browser related functions

Camera Camera and media functions

Location Geolocation functionality

Push Notifications Push Notification functionality

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