Date Format Editor


The Date Format Editor allows displaying any date (including user input) with a specific format automatically based on how the format is configured in Design time.

It can be used in any place where there is a format property:

  • Form components like , , ,

  • Date Columns in the

  • Date Columns in Grid components like , ,


UI Converter

It's located at the top of the editor and it allows modifying the value before applying the format to display and before storing the value in the data provider.

Format Options

There are two options:

  • Display Format

  • Edit Format

Both allow entering any pattern. You may choose also from one of the predefined pattern in the drop down list.

Once the pattern is defined you may combine it with the fields below:

  • Use as mask, ensures input data is in the correct format by providing a template that guides entry and prevents incorrect characters.

  • PlaceHolder, it's the character used by input components to be displayed as a help for the expected format

  • Use as LocalDateTime (NG client only) specifies that the NG Client should use the local timezone


This is a helper list with all the special characters that can be used to define the pattern in the Display Format and Edit Format

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