Reference page to the Servoy Cloud Environment Database metrics


The metrics in the Database details section are displayed as charts.

Connections over time


Represents the number of active database connections over a given period. Active connections are currently executing tasks within the database.


Showcases the number of idle database connections over time. Idle connections are open but not currently executing any operations.

Read stats over time

Select with index scan

Represents the frequency of data reading operations over time that use an index for faster data retrieval, optimizing the search instead of scanning the whole table.

Select with table scan

Shows the frequency of data reading operations over time that involve scanning the entire table. This method does not use an index for optimization.


Displays the frequency of data insertion operations over a given period. Each 'insert' operation adds new data to the database.


Denotes the frequency of data update operations over time. Each 'update' operation modifies existing data within the database.


Shows the frequency of data deletion operations over a specific period. Each 'delete' operation removes existing data from the database.

Cache hit rate % over time

Cache hit rate % over time represents the percentage of database requests that were served from the cache over time. A high cache hit rate typically indicates efficient data retrieval, reducing the need for expensive disk I/0 operations.

Table locks over time


AccessExclusiveLock is a type of table lock blocking all other access, used typically when modifying the physical structure of the table.


The ExclusiveLock type of table block prevents concurrent modification to a table by other transactions but allows concurrent reads.

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