Servoy Resource Locator

Servoy Resource Locator


The Servoy Resource Locator is a tool within the Servoy development environment that helps you quickly find and open various resources such as forms, methods, tables, and other components by typing in a search query. It supports wildcard characters for flexible searching and provides filtering options to refine the search results.


Fields and Options

Input field where you can type the name or part of the name of the resource you are looking for. It supports wildcards ? (any single character) and * (any string of characters) for more versatile searching.

Filter Toggle

Button to open a dropdown menu with additional filter options. These filters help refine the search criteria by specifying which types of resources to include in the search results. Filter Options:

  • Show Tables: Includes tables in the search results.

  • Show Forms: Includes forms in the search results.

  • Show Methods: Includes methods in the search results.

  • Show Variables: Includes variables in the search results.

  • Show Elements: Includes elements in the search results.

  • Show Calculations: Includes calculations in the search results.

  • Show Relations: Includes relations in the search results.

  • Show Valuelists: Includes value lists in the search results.

  • Show Media: Includes media items in the search results.

  • Show Scopes: Includes scopes in the search results.

  • Toggle All: Toggles the selection of all resource types.

  • Check/Uncheck All: Checks or unchecks all resource types.

  • Show Status Line: Toggles the visibility of the status line.

Matching Items List

Displays a list of resources that match the search query. The list dynamically updates as you type. Each item shows:

  • Resource Name: The name of the resource.

  • Resource Location: The location within the project or solution, including the context (e.g., form, scope, global).


You can select one of the options:

  • OK: Opens the selected resource. This can be done by double-clicking the desired resource in the matching list.

  • Cancel: Closes the dialog without opening any resource.

Locating a resource

Here are the steps for locating a Servoy resource:

  1. Open the Locate Resource Dialog: This can be accessed from the Servoy developer Navigate menu or through a keyboard shortcut (Alt+Shift+K).

  2. Enter Search Query:

    • Click on the search bar at the top of the dialog.

    • Type the name or part of the name of the resource you are looking for. Use ? for any single character and * for any string of characters to widen your search if necessary.

    • As you type, the list of matching items will update dynamically.

  3. Apply Filters (Optional):

    • Click on the three dots icon next to the search bar to open the filter options dropdown.

    • Check or uncheck the resource types you want to include in the search. For example, if you only want to search for forms and methods, make sure only Show Forms and Show Methods are checked.

    • Use Toggle All to switch the selection of all resource types or Check/Uncheck All to quickly select or deselect all options.

    • Enable or disable the status line with Show Status Line if necessary.

  4. Review Matching Items:

    • Look through the list of matching items in the middle panel.

    • Each entry shows the resource name and its location, helping you identify the correct item.

  5. Select a Resource:

    • Click on the desired resource from the matching items list to select it.

  6. Open the Resource:

    • Click the OK button to open the selected resource in the editor or double click it in the matching list.

    • If you decide not to open any resource, click the Cancel button to close the dialog.

This tool significantly speeds up the process of navigating large projects by allowing you to quickly locate and access the resources you need.

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