Angular template (.html file)

The field component html tag will be expressed like:

<servoydefault-textfield name="dataFieldFormatNumber" svy-model="model.dataFieldFormatNumber" svy-api="api.dataFieldFormatNumber" svy-handlers="handlers.dataFieldFormatNumber" svy-servoyApi="handlers.dataFieldFormatNumber.svy_servoyApi"/>

which is expanded by angular into real html with the component template.

Every webcomponent gets a number of parameters/objects pushed to the webcomponent tag/instance:

  • svy-model: object contains all the properties set in the designer or at runtime (if they are data driven like a dataprovider property), it reflects the model object defined in the spec.

  • svy-handlers: object contains all the event functions that are set in the designer like "onclick" or "ondatachange"

  • svy-api: object has to contains all the functions for the api which the server can call, like a requestFocus function.

There are a couple of special environment parameters/objects:

  • svy-servoyApi: an object which provides Servoy environment functions to be used at client side logic, for example showForm, hideForm, apply (to push a dataprovider value to the server)

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