Datasource Selection Wizard

Reference documentation for the Datasource Selection Wizard


The Datasource Selection Wizard is used in multiple places to allow selecting the table where the data is coming from which can be a Database Table, a Database View, an In-Memory Table, or a View Foundset.

Anywhere with a datasource property or where a table is needed as a source will have the option to launch this wizard, some examples are:

  • Forms, to indicate the table that will be shown in the form

  • Relations, to indicate the Source and Destination tables related together

  • Data Grid, to indicate what table will be displayed in the grid when a separate Foundset is used

  • Valuelists, to indicate where the underlying values will be taken from when the type is Table Values



This is the text box at the top of the wizard, it allows searching any table name in the multiple databases shown, In-Memory table, or View Foundset.

Available Tables

It shows the list of tables available to use grouped by database. In-Memory and View Foundset tables are in their own group as well.

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