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This guide will explain how to get support when building with Servoy

Community Forum

Whether you are just getting started or have become a Servoy expert, the Servoy Forum is perhaps the fastest way to get help from the vibrant Servoy developer community. Your questions will be answered by people who have walked in your shoes.


If you are experiencing an issue or believe you have found a bug, you can reach customer support by filing a case with our service desk. We guarantee your issue will be reviewed by an expert and you'll get the answer you need.

Just Ask the Docs!

Did you know that Servoy's documentation site comes with AI-powered search? We've trained a large-language-model on our docs and it is ready to answer your question. You can try it out...right now! Just click Ctrl-K |Cmd-K.

The search dialog has two options: Search provides a traditional key-word search and Lens gives a prompt to ask an open question. The response includes an AI-generated natural language answer, plus suggested follow-up questions and most important, links to the pages where the content can be found.

Appsurance Program

Servoy provides a best-in-class expert services program for onboarding, training and project steering to help ensure the success of critical software projects. We call it "Appsurance" (Application+Assurance). Our experts live it everyday and we know how to help. Please contact your account representative or for more info.


For organizations that are looking for risk-mitigation and on-demand support, Servoy offers Service-Level Agreements with guaranteed response windows and escalations for business-critical issues affecting production systems. Please contact your account representative or for more info.

* Servoy's SLA support comes including with ServoyCloud production hosting.

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