Reference to Servoy Cloud Environments


In Servoy Cloud, an environment refers to a virtual infrastructure that remotely provides essential online functionalities such as storage and server provisions. This virtual setup replaces the traditional reliance on physical hardware. Environments act as designated platforms for deploying applications, offering a secure and scalable space for software deployment.

Environment types

Servoy Cloud offers the following environment types:

1. Development (DEV)

The development (DEV) environment is where software developers write, test, and debug code. It allows the deployment of applications in the development phase without affecting other system components.

2. User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

The User Acceptance Testing (UAT) environment replicates the production setup, providing a platform for end-users to test the software and ensure it meets their requirements before deployment. This phase involves stakeholders verifying functionality, usability, and compatibility.

3. Pre-Production (PRE-PROD)

Also known as staging or pre-staging, the Pre-Production (PRE-PROD) environment closely mirrors the production setup. It serves as a final checkpoint before deploying changes to the live/production environment. Testing here ensures a seamless deployment and identifies potential issues that may arise in the live environment.

4. Production (PROD)

The PROD environment is the live environment where the software is accessible to end-users. It hosts the final, released version of the software. Changes are implemented cautiously and after thorough testing in previous environments to minimize disruptions to users.

Metrics and information

Each clickable card provides actionable insights and key metrics regarding the environment. These include:

Metrics present on environment cards are clickable and navigate to a detailed view of the corresponding metric within the environment details

Detail view

Launch Environment

To launch a specific Servoy Cloud environment in the browser, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Application details

  2. Access Environments (if available)

  3. Locate the context menu on the environment card

  4. Click on "Launch Environment"

Delete Environment

Servoy Cloud environments can be permanently deleted, but this action should be considered carefully.

To delete an environment, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Application details

  2. Access Environments (if available)

  3. Find the context menu on the environment card

  4. Select "Delete Environment"

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