Starting with Servoy 2023.12 a the Solution has a property "authenticator" which replaces the "mustAuthenticate" boolean and can also replace the "loginForm" and "loginSolution"

This new property has 4 possible values:


No authentication is needed, the solution can be accessed by anonymous users.


This is the same as "mustAuthenticate" to true, then we are going to look if the "loginForm" is set and if that is set, servoy we load the client and show the loginForm. After that the loginForms behavior is responsible for calling security.login() to login a user into the solution with a set of permissions.

If the login form is not set, in this default mode, then we will show the stateless login screen where a user can type in his credentials and also opt to remember those credentials. If it is remembered then if a user really logs out again in the solution this remember me will be cleared.

The credentials that a user gives in this mode will be validated against the default servoy users table and if the permissions will be got from the default permissions table for that user.


In this mode the same stateless login screen will be shown, but the authentication is relayed to ServoyCloud, where the users and permissions are managed for the solution. After successful login ServoyCloud will give for that user the permissions that must be used in the solution.


In this mode also the stateless login screen will be shown, but the authentication is done in an Authenticator solution that must be a module of the main solution having this authenticator property set to this value.

This authenticator solution only needs to have a onSolutionOpen method that gets the username/password as an argument. Then the authenticator solution can validate those credentials and call security.login(username, uuid, permisions). These permissions are then set in the actual clients solution.

function onSolutionOpen(arg, queryParams) {
    /** @type {String} */
    var username = queryParams.username;
    var password = queryParams.password;
    var token = queryParams.last_login;
    if (token) {
	    // check if this user is still valid/exists, or has a password change and should re-login or the last login timed out after 7 days
	    if (isValid(username) && 
		!hasPasswordChange(username, token.last_login) && 
		(token.last_login + (7*24*3600*1000)) < new Date().getTime() ) {
	    	security.login(username, token.uid, token.permissions);
    if (username == "foo" && password == "bar") {

Login Screen customization

The login screen that is show can be fully customizeable, in the meda folder of the main solution a login.html file can be generated from the context menu of the media folder.

This html/css file can be changed but only some manatory things must be kept, like the input fiels with their names.

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