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This guide will walk you through how to begin using the platform

This guide will explain how to get access to the Servoy platform

Servoy is a comprehensive, low-code platform to build, deploy and manage core systems and enterprise-grade applications. It combines the speed of low-code with the level of control provided by traditional tooling.


The first step is to register for your free ServoyCloud account. After you register and confirm your email address, you can log into ServoyCloud to continue.

Download Servoy Developer

If you have already registered, log in to ServoyCloud and select the option "Download" from the main menu. Choose your operating system and Servoy version. It is recommended to use the "CURRENT" or "LTS" builds.

Once the download has completed, you are ready to install the Servoy Developer IDE to get started.


Below is a step-by-step guide to installing Servoy Developer.

Windows, Mac and Linux

Installing Servoy Developer is easy and depending on your operating system, your experience will vary. For Windows and Mac OS, you will get an installer executable, .exe and .dmg respectively. Open this file to begin the Installation Wizard.

For Linux (or cross-platform) installation, you will receive a .tar.gz distribution. Simply extract it to your desired location; no installation wizard is needed.

Choose Installation Directory

Choose a directory on your local file system where you would like to install Servoy Developer.

Each installation is fully stand-alone. This means that you can install as many copies of Servoy Developer as you want

Run Servoy Developer

You have the option to run Servoy Developer at the end of the Installation Wizard. You can also run Servoy Developer at any time by opening the application installed in the following location, relative to your installation path.


Select a Workspace

When you start Servoy Developer, you will be prompted to choose a directory. This will be your working directory for your first project and can be any location on your file system.

Don't be shy. You can have as many workspaces as you want and you may easily switch between them.

You have the option to use your selection as the default. If you select this, you will not be prompted again to choose your workspace when starting Servoy Developer.

Install the Sample Database

When you first start Servoy Developer, you will be prompted to install the default, sample database. This is a PostgreSQL database with sample schema and data. It is highly recommended to allow the default option here, as the sample is useful for tutorials and examples.

If you already have experience or you are sure that you do not want to install the Sample Database, you may choose advanced settings and skip the installation of the database, the sample data or both.

Nice work! if you have made it this far, you are ready to begin the Get Started tutorial.

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