Provides finegrained logging functionality built with performance and configurability in mind.


Provides the ability to (de)register listeners for events and fire events. Aims to provide a way to decouple hard links in code between otherwise stand-alone code


Offers default implementations for the solution's onError and onDataBroadcast events and provides a module initialization mechanism.

The aim of this module is to provide the API's for easy integration of 3rd party modules.

Web Client utils

Set of utility methods specifically for the Servoy Web Client Also replaces (most) of the functionality of the WebClientUtils plugin

Smart Client utils

Set of utility methods specifically for the Servoy Smart Client

Set of utility methods to read, create and manipulate Excel Workbooks. Does not require Microsoft Excel.

Table Grid

Creates in-memory data sources and table view forms of any JSDatSet or JSFoundSet that can be shown in a given tab panel. This is useful if you need to show for example the result of an aggregate query in a table form or just need an intermediate table to display.

Provides the ability to create simple dialogs containing any number of different fields and text labels. Dialogs are laid out in a a simple two column label/field grid. Dialogs are web client compatible, meaning they handle continuations.

Provides a set of Appender plugins for svyLogManager loggers. The implemented appenders allow to append logs in database (DbAppender), log to files (RollingFileAppender), log to email (EmailAppender) and log to a console window (PopupAppender).

UnitTest Utils

Utility methods for unit testing

Set of utility methods for encryption and decryption of data.

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