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Servoy extra components contains two tree components. The difference between the two is the model, the dbtreeview is based on foundset(s) while treeview is based on dataset.

DbTreeview shows multiple tree levels based on relation. From top foundset (datasource), one can show related nodes specified by a relation. Note that each relation is a database query , so for performance should not abuse the tree expand (from javascript). The tree works lazy and initializes data as requested.

Usual tree features are included, show a node checkbox, node image, tooltip, click callback, expand node... More information about model/api can be seen in Servoy Developer.

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Tree properties

Tree properties can be found here

The component has one property, API should be used for everything else. Dataset that is the model of the tree. Each row in dataset represents a node in the tree. Dataset should have 4 columns: node id, parent node id (null in case of top nodes or another valid id), node text and icon media url.

Instead of 'icon' it is possible to use 'fa-icon', in this case the values in the column should be FontAwesome classes, ex: 'fa fa-users'.

Tree example

var treeviewDataSet = databaseManager.createEmptyDataSet( 0,  ['id', 'pid', 'treeColumn', 'icon']);
treeviewDataSet.addRow([1,		null,	'Main group',	'media:///group.png']);
treeviewDataSet.addRow([2,		null,	'Second group',	'media:///group.png']);
treeviewDataSet.addRow([3,		2,		'Subgroup',		'media:///group.png']);
treeviewDataSet.addRow([4,		3,		'Mark',			'media:///user.png']);
treeviewDataSet.addRow([5,		3,		'George',		'media:///user.png']);

Tree events

Tree events can be found here

Tree API

Tree API methods can be found here

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