Security Management Console

The svySecurity has a companion administration console, svySecurityConsoleUX, which provides out of the box intuitive options for all security-related administration tasks along with some useful summary and usage statistics. This modern svySecurityConsoleUX deprecates the former svySecurityConsole.

Only users that are members of the built-in Servoy security Administrators group can access the Security Management Console. You can create administrator user accounts on the Servoy Application Server admin page. You can learn more about User and Group Security.

The Administration Console


Home page has an overview of registered Tenants and Users. Also provides detailed information for user sessions.


Manage Tenants in the Tenant List. Double click the Tenant to Manage the single Tenant.


Manage the Roles for the Tenant and assign Permissions to Roles.


Manage the Tenant's User and Roles assignment.

How to install the administration console

The svySecurityConsoleUX can be installed via the Solution section of the Servoy Web Package Manager.

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