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In Servoy, a table refers to a datasource identifier for tabular data, usually a table from a database. Tables are linked to dataproviders, used in filters, and interacted with through FoundSets in Servoy applications.

Commands Summary

A summary of commands available on this item via right-click context menu:

Commands Details

The details for each command available on this item via right-click context menu:

Edit table/view

Opens the Table Editor to edit the table and its associated column information (metadata stored by Servoy Developer).

Open SQL Editor

Opens SQL Editor where you can run SQL queries on the table. SQL Explorer Eclipse plugin needs to be installed in order for this option to show up.

Copy Table

Creates a new table with exact same structure as the original (selected) one. You can choose a new name and the server where it should be created.

Hide in Developer

Mark a table as hidden in developer. This table (and its datasource) will not show up in Servoy Developer wizards and editors.

Synchronize with DB Server Information

Use this command to synchronize between the database schema and the Database Information (.dbi) files in your project. This command will open the database synchronization wizard, where you can resolve differences between the schema and your .dbi files.

Update Metadata

Opens a wizard to synchronize the metadata tables content (which have special structure and are marked as such from table editor) and metadata tables workspace content.

Delete Table

Deletes the selected table after prompting a confirmation window.

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