In Memory DataSources


Besides having just tables directly on real database servers you can also create in Servoy In Memory tables (using hsql)

These tables have exactly the same configurations as normal tables, so column properties and events.

You can fill these in memory tables by using a JSDataSet and use the createDataSource() function. With that function you can at runtime define InMemory datasource/foundsets on the fly, or you can fill in the InMemory definiton that is defined in the developer. Then you don't need to give the column and type information because that is already defined at design time

With Servoy the InMemory tables have an extra table event "onload" which is triggered when the in memory datasource is touched by a form (it is the forms datasource) or when you call This way you don't have to fill in the inmem datasource in the onload of a solution or form. But do it purely on demand when the first foundset is asked for inside the whole solution.

You still need that use the JSDataSet.createDataSource() function inside that onload method to really fill the in memory table.

Expanding this node will show a list of all in memory datasources created for the active solution; they are also displayed in the contextual list.

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Create in memory datasource

Creates in memory datasource with specified name (table name). Opens the Table Editor and can edit the new table as a regular database table.

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