App performance

Reference to Servoy Cloud Environment Application performance dashboard


The Application Performance Dashboard provides a detailed table view of method performance within your Servoy Cloud environment.

Performance alerts

Needs Attention (500ms)

A performance metric needs attention once the average execution time exceeds 500ms. This value indicates that a performance metric is approaching a state that may degrade application performance and should be investigated.

Critical (1000ms)

A performance metric is critical once the average execution time exceeds 1000ms. A critical metric has a significant impact on the application's functionality and user experience. Immediate action is required to address issues at this level.

User Input

Methods flagged as user input are those that require input, such as dialogs. Their higher average time may be due to waiting for feedback and should not be considered as poor performance.

Methods flagged as Needs Attention should be investigated and methods flagged as Critical, require immediate attention.

Minimum method duration

Each Servoy Cloud environment has a default minimum method duration threshold set to 20ms. This is used for assessing the application's method performance.

You can change the minimum duration of methods displayed in the Application performance table, by following these steps:

  1. Go to Admin Settings

  2. Click on Environment Tab

  3. Change the value of “Min method duration”

  4. Save changes

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