Permissions and database metadata

SQL Server has different roles which define which permissions a user has.

Users with role db_owner all permissions needed, this is the advised role for connection Servoy to a SQL Server database.

If you use a user with a more restricted role, like db_datareader/db_datawriter, by default it does not have access to metadata stored in the information schema.

When Servoy will read the database metadata, it may, for example, not see that a column has a default value which may result in errors when inserting data.

So, when using a role with limited rights, you also need to check access to the information schema.

An example of assigning the roles is:

1> use mydb
2> go
Changed database context to 'MYDBDB'.
1> grant view definition to SERVOYUSER
2> go

Note that in some situations Servoy will try to create temporary tables to run certain queries.

If it cannot do that because of missing permissions, the query will fail and the user will get an error.

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