Admin Roles

Reference to ServoyCloud Admin Roles and Permissions


The Admin Roles section is where you can manage a user's role and the associated permissions.


User role and permissions determine the actions and features that users can access or perform within the namespace. In ServoyCloud Control Center, there are distinct roles, each offering different levels of access and permissions. The available roles are as follows:


  • Access Level: Restricted

  • Permissions:

  • Role Description:

    • The Observer role is designed for users who require limited access to the application, primarily for the purpose of monitoring or viewing specific data or results.

DevOps Role

  • Access Level: Moderate

  • Role Description:

    • The DevOps role is intended for users who play a significant role in the software development and deployment process but do not need full administrative access.

Administrator Role

  • Access Level: Full Control

  • Permissions:

  • Role Description:

    • The Administrator role is the highest level of access within the system. Users with this role have complete control over the application and its settings. This role can be assigned by other users with Administrator role or automatically by the system when creating a new namespace.

Assign Role

By default, all users start with the Observer role, which has limited permissions. To assign a different role, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Admin Users.

  2. Change the assigned role from the dropdown list.

  3. Save changes

Remove Role

Removing a role is not possible in Cloud Control Center. However, there are alternative steps you can take based on your requirements:

  1. Assign a Different Role

  2. Restrict or Limit Access

    • If you intend to restrict or limit a user's access to ServoyCloud features, you have the following alternatives:

      • Assign the "Observer" Role: The Observer role is specifically designed for users who require limited permissions and restricted access to ServoyCloud features. Assigning this role can help you achieve the desired level of access control.


Permissions define what each role can do. They are linked to roles, ensuring that users with a specific role have the corresponding permissions. The following permissions are available in ServoyCloud:

Manage Account

Control company account settings

Manage Add-Ons

Enable and configure add-on features to ServoyCloud

Manage Users

Manage and create users and roles in ServoyCloud

Manage Credentials

Access to integrated system credentials


Provision production environments

Non Production

Create, modify and Run non-production jobs

Source Control

Allowed to Push changes to Source Control

Pipeline Results

View jobs, environments, packages, artifacts and reports

Modify permissions

Permissions are predefined and cannot be individually chosen or customized for specific roles. However, you can choose from existing roles to grant or remove permissions as needed to align with the user's access level requirements.

To assign a different role, follow the steps outlined in the Assign Role section.

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