Form Components


Form Component in the Solution Explorer Tree is a special contained form used for simplified design and runtime optimization. The same behavior can be achieved via tabless tabpanel, but form component has optimized display because all elements are part of the same form, taking away the overhead of tabpanel and loading of another form.

A Form Component form can't have its own logic (.js file), it is also not available at runtime under because there is no instance of such a form. Only the template and its properties are used, events like onclick of a button can be assigned but only to scopes or entity methods (if the datasource is specified). Also because it does not have its own instance at runtime also all the form component events and commands like onLoad are not available for it.

Such a Form Component form can be places on the form by using the following containers:

Get Started

Creating a Form Component

Here are the steps for creating a Form Component:

  1. Open the active solution in Solution Explorer

  2. Find the Form Components node, right click on it and select 'Create new form component', then 'New Form Component' wizard will appear

  3. In the wizard you need to set the Form name and select the Type, also Datasource and Extends if needed, then click the Finish button

  4. The form editor will appear, where you can add the desired elements

It is recommended to set a specific name in the Form Component properties in order to make it easier to use it later in scripting. Example: "fc_orders".

Editing a Form Component

Form Component has a list of several properties that can be edited the same way as for a normal Form.

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