Reference to ServoyCloud Jobs


Jobs are individual tasks that serve specific functions or processes based on their type. A delivery pipeline can have one or more jobs, see Pipelines on how to add a job.

Job types

Build and Deploy

These jobs handle both the building and deployment of your software. They are especially useful for a streamlined process that transitions applications from the development stage to the production environment within your namespace.


Build jobs focus solely on generating build packages, excluding deployment. They are typically used when you need to create software packages for on-premise deployment or when you require detailed control over the deployment process.


Desktop jobs are designed to produce binary downloads for developing desktop applications. They facilitate the creation of installation packages or executable files for various operating systems, allowing users to easily download and install them on their computers.


Mobile jobs are designed for creating binary downloads for mobile applications. They simplify the process of creating app packages for iOS or Android, offering a convenient way for users to download and install your mobile applications.

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