2022.03 (LTS)

2022.3.9 LTS

This is a extra security fix for the blobloader, before 2022.3.9 the way to create a blob url is:

var tableName = 'pictures';
var columnName = 'picture_media';
var mimeType = 'application/pdf';
var URL = 'media:///servoy_blobloader?servername=example_data'
URL += '&tablename=' + tableName;
URL += '&dataprovider=' + columnName;   URL += '&rowid1=' + picture_id;
URL += '&filename=' + file_name

this should now be replaced with:

var tableName = 'pictures';
var columnName = 'picture_media';
var mimeType = 'application/pdf';

var url = application.createUrlBlobloaderBuilder(columnName)

that will return the blobloader url that is also already encrypted (and only valid for that client)

2022.3.8 LTS

This release has a breaking change for people that are using deeplink (m=xxx) in the url of the client that you start.

That function now needs to have in the doc the annotation @deeplink, so the system knows that this function can be called as a deeplink. If a function doesn't have that annotation then it will not be called and Servoy will generate a error: "Trying to call a non deeplink (no @deeplink annotation) method: " The best way is to quickly annotate your deeplinks, but if for the short term that is not feasible you can add this property: "servoy.legacy.deeplinks=true" to the servoy properties file to get the old behavior back.

2022.3.7 LTS

This release has a security fix, its recommended to upgrade to this release as soon as possible.

2022.3.6 LTS

This release has a security fix, its recommended to upgrade to this release as soon as possible. upgrades to Java 17.09 and NodeJS 16.20.2

Features/Api changes

ViewFoundset: sort now supported and selection api is added to be more inline with the normal Foundset

Added Foundset.createRecords(x) that returns right away the created Record

utils.parse can now be called also with locale information for country and language. (so you can parse dates like "Woe 10 maart"

clientmanager plugin has now a releaseLocks(clientId) for releasing locks of a specific client (be carefull to use this)

Comments (added in 2021.12) are now more visible and used in tooltips when hoovering over for example relations with a comment

Profiler View some enhancements in displaying aggregations (and some extra option to show averages)

Servoy now tries to detect duplicate jars (with different versions) when exporting a WAR and gives a warning that those should be resolved.

If needed you can redirect the ngclient build dir to a different directory with a system property: servoy.ng2.target.folder (defaults to [ws].metadata.plugins\com.servoy.eclipse.ngclient.ui\target)

For the Titanium NGClient you can use now a style class "svy-listformcomponent-scroll" to the ListFormComponent to have endless scrolling support (this will become default in a coming release and then the old behavior will be removed)

Packages are upgraded: Eclipse 2021.12 (4.22), Java 17.0.2, NodeJS 16.14, for plugins pdfbox/fontbox are updated to 2.0.25 and Bounty Castle jars to 1.64, IText is made to be inline with our jasper plugin: itext-2.1.7.js8.jar

2022.03.1 lib updates/fixes

updated java to 17.0_3

updated node to 16.15

chromium to 88.0.6

poi is upgraded from 4.1 to�5.1.0 because that is the one that the current jasper release also wants to have (we will try to keep that in sync)

Also updated angular to 13.3.9 for the Titanum NGClient.

A lot Form Designer fixes are done for the new Titanium NG FormEditor.

Api changes

Also some new API is added: application.generateBrowserFunction(string) when components want dynamically at runtime a client side function in Titanium NGClient

2022.3.2 (LTS)

Besides the cases below, also fixes for solutionModel/recreateUI are done that fixes memory leaks and weird errors in the log because of certian objects are still referenced.

Case list

03.9 (LTS)

03.5 (LTS)

03.4 (LTS)

03.3 (LTS)

03.2 (LTS)