Building a Native Binary for the App Store

A guide on how to produce a binary and steps to upload to the Apple App Store or Android Play Store.

Signing up for a Servoy Cloud Account

In order to create any native binaries we first must create Servoy Cloud Account and namespace. You can visit the following link to do so. After registering please setup a namespace. You can use the following reference link.

Adding a job

Add a new job with "Mobile" type selected. From there we can edit and start a mobile build. The following link has more details.

Configuring the mobile job

You can configure a mobile job by clicking on the edit button and selecting Edit job Config. For more details on the options please refer to our reference page.

Creating an Android Debug binary

An android native debug binary can be installed on any android device version 7.1 and up. Having a debug binary is useful for testing out the functionality prior to producing a signed version for the app store. This allows developers to test out their app quickly on a native device quickly.

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