Classic Security Management Console


The classic svySecurityConsole has been deprecated in favor of the modern svySecurityConsoleUX

The svySecurity has a companion administration console which provides out of the box intuitive options for all security-related administration tasks along with some useful summary and usage statistics.

Security Management Console Home Page
Security Management Console Tenant Page
Security Management Console User Page

Only users that are members of the built-in Servoy security Administrators group can access the Security Management Console. You can create administrator user accounts on the Servoy Application Server admin page.

The Security Management Console also provides detailed information for user sessions. It even includes a visual map with the approximate location associated with the client IP address. Security Management Console Session Page For this purpose the console uses the svyGMaps compontent which requires a Google API Key. You can get one here for free and provide it to the Security Configuration Console by adding the following user property on the Servoy App Server admin page:


Adding user property in Servoy Admin page

Note: After generating the Google API Key be sure to enable the Google Maps JavaScript API Service in your Google API Console.

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