Reference to Servoy Cloud Environment System Health dashboard


The database dashboard in the Servoy Cloud Control Center displays all available databases along with key information for each one.


Each clickable card on the dashboard provides essential information to easily identify the database, including:

  • Database name

  • Database icon: representing the type of database (e.g., PostgreSQL, MSSQL, MySQL)

  • Database version

  • SQL version

  • Database status

Download Backup file

To download the backup file of a database from the Cloud Control Center, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Database dashboard from Application > Environments > Environment Details > Database

  2. Find the context menu on the database for which you want to download the backup file.

  3. Click “Download backup file”

  4. Check your email for the Servoy Cloud GPG decryption passphrase.

  5. Refer to our documentation on how to use the passphrase and decrypt the backup file.

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