Log Activity

Reference to Servoy Cloud Environment Log Activity dashboard


The Log Activity dashboard provides a visual representation of log activity within your environment. It includes charts and a detailed table view.


When analyzing the log activity in the table or chart view, consider the following log levels:

  • Info

  • Warning

  • Error

  • Fatal

Log Analyzer Dialog

To view detailed log activity:

  1. Navigate to Application Environments

  2. Click on the Log Activity tile

  3. Click on the "show more" button of the log entry you want to analyze

Log details

When you view the log details, you will see:

  • Log type

  • Log date and time

  • Short log message

  • Log location (file path and line number), if available in the log

  • Code Snippet with highlighted location in code

Additionally, using the other buttons in the dialog, you can do the following:

  • Toggle log stack trace

  • Show full log message

  • Copy the displayed message (either the short or the full message)

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