System Health

Reference to Servoy Cloud Environment System Health dashboard


The System Health dashboard summarizes the health status of your environment, real time and over time. It monitors and displays information about:

  • System Interruptions

  • CPU usage on each environment node

  • RAM usage on each environment node


CPU % over time

Represents the percentage of CPU resources that your Servoy application consumes over a given period. High CPU usage can occur when processing intense activities, such as extensively looping over items without utilizing caching mechanisms to improve efficiency.

RAM % over time

Indicates the percentage of the server's total RAM used by your Servoy application at any given time on each environment node. High memory usage can result from actions like keeping large files in variables for extended periods, which consumes more memory.

System Interruptions over 28 days

Provides a visual representation of the system interruptions that have occurred over the last 28 days, along with the corresponding builds that may have caused this downtime.

Performance alerts

Needs Attention

Marked with a yellow warning icon, any node having average CPU usage above 50% for an hour or more needs attention


Marked with a red warning icon, any node having average CPU or RAM usage above 80% for an hour or more is critical

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