Welcome to the svywebcam wiki!

This wiki provides comprehensive documentation for using the svywebcam web-component, which allows you to utilize the browser's webcam within Servoy's NGClient. The component is a wrapper for the jpeg_camera project.

Getting Started

First import the component using one of the release binaries or via Servoy's Web Package Manager.

If you would like to see the component in an example - install the included sample solution, webCamExample.servoy.

Example Usage

First add the component to a form by dragging it into the form using the Palette Wizard. It should be under svywebcam section.

Then setup an event handler for getBase64Data event. This is a callback function that will return data once the snapshot is taken.

Finally capture an image using capture. This will capture a shot and if successful data will be returned to the getBase64Data handler.;

Known Issues

There is currently an issue with OSX and Safari Browsers preventing the component to initialize as expected. If you are having an issue with this, please try adding the flash plugin and using that instead.

iOS requires that you have an HTTPS connection to use this component.

API Documentation

Method Summary


Setup the component's options.





options object


Default Options:

var options = {
        mirror: false, //mirror image
        quality: 1, // 0-1 quality of image
        retry_success: false,
        scale: 1, //scale of image
        shutter: false, //use a shutter sound
        shutter_ogg_url: '', //audio location
        shutter_mp3_url: '', //audio location
        swf_url: '',
        timeout: 0 //how many seconds to wait before take a shot


Capture an image based on current options. If successful this will execute the GetBase64Data handler and return data to the callback function you provide.

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