Mobile Requirements

When choosing to build a mobile application try to gather requirements early.

What type of devices do we want to support? (smartphones, tablets, or specific device). Do we need to build a responsive application that will work with multiple devices?

This can help us decide whether or not to use a responsive or to stick with an simple layout for design. Find out what is the viewport width (324px, 568px, 768px, 1024px ) that your device uses. If you need to support multiple devices/viewports there is a good chance you will want to consider using a fully responsive design.

We also want to look at any hardware integrations that are necessary. For example maybe your application must provide barcode scanning functionality or needs to have security integration using fingerprint scanning.

Does your application need to be available on an app store like the Google Play store or the IOS App Store? Or will this be a strictly web-based mobile application?

If the either of the above requirements match, then we will want to add the phonegap module as it will help with hardware integrations and exporting to an app store.

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