Solution Explorer

Reference documentation for the Solution Explorer object


The Solution Explorer (sometimes called the SolEx) shows the entire contents of a solution in a tree-view. Each node in the Solution Explorer represents an object (or group of objects) in one's application, such as Forms, Relations, Scripting Scopes, etc. The Solution Explorer also shows a visual API reference for everything the Servoy Core Developer API and Plugins.

Context Action Menu

The Context Action Menu is the most common way to interact with the Solution Explorer. Right-click any node to reveal the menu, which shows action commands that are specific for the selected node. In this way, developers can edit their solution, create and modify objects and maintain their codebase.

Filter the Solution Explorer

As you build your solution, the number of objects in the Solution Explorer will grow. You can easily filter the tree by typing in the filter field. As you type the contents of the tree get filtered by matching the input typed in the filter field.

Collapse Tree

Go Into an Object Group

Back Out of an Object Group

If you have clicked the Go Into Button, you can reverse the result and back out of a group by clicking the Back Out Button.

Refresh View

Solution Explorer Contextual List

The lower portion of Solution Explorer shows contents of items selected in the tree view. You can find more details here.

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