Metadata Synchronization Wizard

The reference documentation for the Metadata Synchronization wizard

Synchronizing metadata between DBI files and the actual database schema in Servoy Developer is accomplished using the Metadata Synchronization Wizard, which ensures that the metadata reflecting the database structure is up-to-date and consistent across all development environments.

The wizard can be accessed from the context menu by selecting the 'Synchronize with DB server information' option of the resources project, database servers, or individual databases.

The wizard interface allows you to synchronize DBI files with the database structure and reload tables from the database structure.

For tables that are present in both the database and the resources project with an associated database information file, the column details may vary.

The wizard also includes a Quick Fix option for resolving discrepancies between the database and DBI files, allowing updates to the DBI or deletion of columns from the database.

For detailed instructions on synchronizing metadata within Servoy Developer, refer to the Database Synchronization Wizard section in the documentation. This section outlines the process of keeping local database instances synchronized with the team's database structure, essential for maintaining consistency in team development environments. It provides an overview of DBI files, which store metadata about database tables and columns, and explains how to use the Synchronize With Database Wizard to update the local database based on DBI file information. Additionally, it covers options for addressing discrepancies between the database and its metadata files, ensuring that the database structure remains consistent and data integrity is preserved across the development environment.

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