Reference documentation for individual Scope items in the Solution Explorer


In Servoy, a scope is a JavaScript execution context within the solution, containing variables and functions. Expanding a scope will show the following:

  • relations: by right-clicking on this item, the user has the option to create a relation through relation editor.

Commands Summary

A summary of commands available on this item via right-click context menu:


Opens the scope in Script Editor

Creates a new method in global scope

Deletes the global scope

Gives a new name to the scope

Runs JSUnit tests from a global scope

Commands Details

The details for each command available on this item via right-click context menu

Open in Script Editor

Opens the scope in Script Editor. A scope is just a javascript file in the workspace.

Create method

Creates a javascript method in the scope.

Delete scope

Deletes the global scope (deletes scope javascript file from workspace).

Rename scope

You can choose a new name for your global scope. This will NOT change all occurrences of old name, will only modify the scope itself to the new name.

Warning Use with care.

Run JSUnit tests

Runs JSUnit tests from your scope. See Unit Testing for what is unit testing and JSUnit API for JSUnit testing API.

Contextual List

Here are the item details that appear in the contextual list and each command available via right-click:

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