User manual for Servoy Developer Search Menu items


This menu item contains all Searching related commands.

Commands Summary

A summary of commands available via clicking on this menu item:


Opens the Search wizard

Opens the Search wizard

Searches the text in the selected location

Opens the Quick Search wizard

Commands Details

The details for each command available via clicking on this menu item:

keybinding: Ctrl+H Opens the Search wizard.


Opens the Search wizard.


Opens a sub-list of available places where the selected text should be searched in:

  • Workspace: searches for text across the entire workspace; keybinding: Ctrl+Alt+G

  • Project: searches for text within the current project

  • File: searches for text within a specific file

  • Working Set: searches for text within a predefined working set of files or projects

keybinding: Ctrl+Alt+Shift+L Opens the Quick Search wizard.

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