Reference documentation for each View item in the Solution Explorer


This node will show all SQL views from database. If the database has no view the node is hidden.

Commands Summary

A summary of commands available on a view via right-click context menu:


Opens the Table Editor

Opens the SQL Editor

Searches for where this view is used

Flags the table as hidden in Servoy Developer

Commands Details

The details for each command available on this item via right-click context menu:

Edit table/view

Opens the Table Editor to edit the view and its associated column information (metadata stored by Servoy Developer). The view is handled like a readonly table in Servoy Developer, its structure can only be modified using SQL statements.

Open SQL Editor

Opens SQL Editor where you can run SQL queries on the view. SQL Explorer Eclipse plugin needs to be installed in order for this option to show up.

Search for references

Searches for references of this view (for example forms, relations, valuelists ... that use the view).

Create New Form

Opens New Form Wizard (using view's datasource).

Hide in Developer

Marks a view as hidden in developer. This view (and its datasource) will not show up in Servoy Developer wizards and editors.

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