Getting Started

The easiest way to get started with svyAPI is to download and import the *.servoy file of the example solution svyAPIExample. It includes everything needed to get you going:

  • the core module svyAPI

  • the example solution svyAPIExample which provide samples samples how to use the jsdoc anotation.

Additional you need to download Swagger UI what can be found here.

After downloading the zip file follow the steps:

  • Unzip the source code zip from Swagger UI

  • Copy the dist folder to `%%servoy_developer%%/application_server/server/webapps/ROOT.

  • You can rename this folder to a matching name, for example API.

  • Edit the index.html file, search for end replace the url to match your servoy_developer url. Example http://localhost:8080/servoy-service/rest_ws/svyAPIExample/docs/swagger.json

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